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Plushie Tycoon n Poogle Solitaire n Wheel of Excitement TiPS N tUg-o-War paSSwords

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Plushie Tycoon n Poogle Solitaire n Wheel of Excitement TiPS N tUg-o-War paSSwords
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Plushie Tycoon Guide

You begin with 50,000Np

Out of that you must pay 3000 Rent to start with [Warehouse, factory and shop]. Then you should go and buy some material. These prices change all of the time, but when buying cloth, buy the Red cloth, Stuffing of neocotton, rare gems for accessories, and velvet bags for packing. Please also note that when you are buying accessories, always buy some for a species, because some species of plushie's don't need it, but those which do, sell quicker and for a lot more. After doing all of that your total should be around 42,500NP [two clothes to one of everything else]. Then go and do all of the upgrades in your shop. That should cost a lot, but it really helps when selling of the plushie's. Your total is then around 26,000Np, which although is quite a large loss, its will all come back in the long run. Then onto the adverts, do the first four [flyers, gifts, candy and clothing,] up to the top one. So that they can't be expanded any further. Your total will then be around 20,000. Well personally I think that that is a huge amount left, but then go to the factory and hire some staff. Only hire graduates and only hire 20 of them, that is around 220NP per hour expenses, that includes the manager.

Follow the process through and then when they are done, ship to factory and then to the shop. Once they have been sold you should earn about 10,000NP. Keep going through the process, and eventually try to get more than one job running at the same time, and continue to run the thing through. Have 200 plushie's instead of 100 being made. The go and update your advertisements and size of your shop [for more plushie's]. Then go and upgrade your warehouse so that it can ship faster. Eventually you will be making batches of plushie's of about 1500, which is very expensive but you get a huge amount back.

Poogle Solitaire Solution

Sq. 29 to Sq. 17
Sq. 26 to Sq. 24
Sq. 33 to Sq. 25
Sq. 18 to Sq. 30
Sq. 31 to Sq. 33
Sq. 33 to Sq. 25
Sq. 6 to Sq. 18
Sq. 13 to Sq. 11
Sq. 10 to Sq. 12
Sq. 27 to Sq. 13
Sq. 13 to Sq. 11
Sq. 8 to Sq. 10
Sq. 1 to Sq. 9
Sq. 16 to Sq. 4
Sq. 3 to Sq. 1
Sq. 1 to Sq. 9
Sq. 28 to Sq. 16
Sq. 21 to Sq. 23
Sq. 24 to Sq. 22
Sq. 7 to Sq. 21
Sq. 21 to Sq. 23
Sq. 10 to Sq. 8
Sq 8 to Sq. 22
Sq. 22 to Sq. 24
Sq. 24 to Sq. 26
Sq. 26 to Sq. 12
Sq. 12 to Sq. 10
Sq. 17 to Sq. 15
Sq 5 to Sq. 17
Sq. 18 to Sq. 16
Sq. 15 to Sq. 17

Wheel of Excitement

The Wheel of Excitement costs 150NP to spin. You can win anything from getting an item stolen to 10 000 NP!

Picture and the Prize:

? = This is a mystery NP prize, which is always below 100np.
Skull and Crossbones = Makes your active pet to become sick.
Heal = Pet regains some or all of his/her hit points.
Magic = You gain a magic item.
Light Faerie = The Light Faerie will increase the level of one active ability of your pet.
Dark Faerie = She will wave her hands and nothing happens, but sometimes she will cure a disease your pet may have. Other times, she will raise the level of any Dark Faerie abilities, if you have any.
Pant Devil = He steals one of your items.
Lightning = Lightning will strike your pet, causing him/her to lose HP.

Tug-O-War Passwords

lrslsts - Theibos
sltltsr - Khadir
sslrtrl - Ramset
lrlrss - Horak