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Neggs Effect and Values

Negg Effects
Bang Bang Negg Snowball Inside
Sweet Heart Negg Random food item inside
Vortex Negg Unpredictable (Can change your color)
Kaleideonegg Similar to Lab Ray
Genius Negg Increase Intelligence & Receive a Book
Glamour Negg Decrease Intelligence & get a Gold Mirror Hairbrush
Blue Furry Negg Recover up to 5 HP
Christmas Tree Negg Recover up to 10 HP
Crystal Negg Recover up to 8 HP
Cackling Negg Shadow Health Ability (Any Pet Level)
Confusonegg Gain Psychic Powers & the Ability to confuse Enemies
Spinning Negg Air Shield Ability (Any Pet Level)
Rainwater Negg Creates Shield of Water & Steam in the Battledome
Evil Negg
Fireball Negg
Ice Storm Negg
Basic Power Negg +1 Defense
Cool Negg Gain Level, +2-4 Strength, +2-4 Movement, +2-4 HP
Faerie Queen Negg + HP
Plaid Negg Raises Level of Random Ability (Can change pets Color)
Power Negg + Strength
Radioactive Negg Raises level of Random Ability
Silver Knight Negg + Defense
Spiked Negg Gain 4-6 HP
Snegg Gain 1-3 HP, & 1-3 Movement/Agility
Super Negg Same as Snegg Plus Gain a Level

Negg Values

The First Neggs

1 Negg
2 Purple Negg
3 Green Negg
4 Orange Negg
5 Pink Negg
5 Blue Negg
6 Yellow Negg
6 Rainbow Negg

Easter Neggs

32 Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
28 Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg
26 Mint Chocolate Easter Negg
22 Chocolate Orange Easter Negg
18 Pretty Pink Easter Negg
24 Spotted Easter Negg
16 Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg
10 Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg
10 Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg
10 Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg
10 Cornupepper Easter Negg
10 Sardplant Easter Negg
10 Phear Easter Negg
10 Peachpa Easter Negg
10 Lovely Lime Easter Negg
10 Dancing Daisy Easter Negg
8 Fishy Easter Negg
8 Pink Swirly Easter Negg
8 Scented Easter Negg

Special Neggs

9 Rainbow Vanilla Negg
11 Negg Cream Cookie
11 Scrambled Rainbow Negg
2 Ice Negg
4 Super Ice Negg
6 Ultra Ice Negg
8 Ultimate Ice Negg
9 Punegg
9 Ranegg
14 Frozen Negg
0 Deviled Negg
0 Negg Sundae
0 Negg Salad
0 Negg Stew
0 Sliced Neggs
50 Fish Negg
0 Bag of Infinite Neggs
0 Snow Tiger Egg
0 Super Snow Tiger Egg
6 Sweet and Sour Negg

Neggery Neggs

3 Happiness Negg
6 Glamour Negg
7 Smiley Negg
12 Blue Furry Negg
15 Sweet Heart Negg
18 Crystal Negg
20 Vortex Negg
20 Genius Negg
22 Christmas Tree Negg
27 Bang Bang Negg
28 Fireball Negg
28 Icestorm Negg
30 Spinning Negg
35 Basic Power Negg
35 Evil Negg
43 Kaleideonegg
47 Faerie Queen Negg
51 Rainwater Negg
53 Confusonegg
55 Radioactive Negg
60 Silver Knight Negg
66 Power Negg
80 Cackling Negg
90 Plaid Negg
105 Snegg
112 Spiked Negg
132 Super Negg
206 Cool Negg