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Neopets Tips!

NP for Games Guide

If you want to know how much NP you can make from the scores of the Neopets games, then use this list to find out!

3x your score:

Attack of the Marblemen
Extreme Herder
Faerie Caves
Petpet Rescue
Rink Runner
Techo Says

2x your score:
Escape from Meridell Castle
Faerie Cloud Racers
Grand Theft Ummagine
Grundo Snowthrow
Jelly Processing Plant
Kiko Match

Your score:
Advert Attack
Bumper Cars
Carnival of Terror
Chia Bomber
Chomby and the Fungus Balls
Code Breakers
Defender Trainer
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
Maths Nightmare
Meerca Chase
Mutant Graveyard of Doom
Spell or Starve
The Castle of Eliv Thade

3/4 your score:
200m Peanut Dash
Igloo Garage Sale

Half of your score:
Feed Florg
Nimmos Pond
Omelette Defender
Pocket Neopet Puzzle

Dubloon Disaster = 6x your score
Ultimate Bullseye = 8x
Extreme Potato Counter = 7x
Ice Caves = 1/4
Ice Cream Factory = 1/4
Volcano Run = 1/3
Korbats Lab = 1/4
Usiki Frenzy= 5/4

Shop Wizard Secrets

Ever wondered why your prices are low but no one seems to buy your items? It's because the shop wizard searches shops by the first character of your username.

These are the different sections:
a i q y 1 9
b j r z 2
c k s 3
d l t 4
e m u 5
f n v 6
g o w _ 7
h p x 0 8

Usually, F N V 6 is searched most often and C K S 3 is searched the least often. So basically, if you want to be a successful shop owner, your username should start with a F, N, V or 6!

Mushroom Effects

Bad Toadstool
This is one ugly mean toadstool. It is most probably poisonous.
It will make your pet feel bad and make it lose some hp.

Wow what a fat mushroom!
It feeds your pet.

Blood Mushroom
This mushroom eats small animals, hence its deep red blood colouration.
It feeds your pet.

Blue Healthshroom
Vitalising and hehy - eat this mushroom to restore your pet a full hit point!
Your pet will heal 1 hit point.

Lovely and flaky, this mushroom is very nice when fried!
It feeds your pet.

Floatyshrooms hang in the air, they don't grow in soil at all.
It feeds your pet.

Green Healthshroom
A souped up version of the Blue HealthShroom!
It heals your pet.

Green Toadstool
Toadstools are usually bad for your pet...
It feeds your pet and heals it by 3 hit points.

Level Up Shroom
This mystical mushroom is the most sought after as it will put any pet who eats it up a level!
Your pet's level will be raised by 1.

Mega Power Plusshroom
Straight from the dimension of goodness, this Mega Power Plus mushroom will do your pet a world of good!
Your pet will feel more powerful and it's level raised by 1.

Pink Toadstool
This one does not look very tasty :(
It feeds your pet.

Poisionous Mushroom
Do not eat this mushroom, its not very nice at all!!! It will most probably give your pet a disease!
It will give your pet Neopox.

If you throw this up in the air then it will fly away... we arent too sure what happens if you eat it.
It feeds your pet.

Boy this one smells, most unappetising!
It feeds your pet.

Spindly Mushrooms
Very tall, these are hard to collect because the wind usually breaks them in half.
It feeds your pet.

Strength Shroom
What fails to kill you will make you stronger.
It will gain in strength between 1 and 3.

Super Fast Shroom
Make your pet faster... permanently with this incredibly rare treat!
It will increase your pet's speed by 1.

What a lovely shade of teal. That will go great with my curtains :)
It feeds your pet.

Ugly Mushroom
This mushroom is depressed... nobody loves it :(
It feeds your pet.

Yellow Healthshroom
The most powerful HealthShroom on the market! This one cures your pet of any disease also!
It cures your pet of any disease and restores your pet's hp!