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:TiPs On Blade of Awe,Helpzard and ultra iCe Katana!

Blade OF Awe Q
Q:where to find BoA(blade of awe)?
A:RA or battle the bosses in the travel map ex:Smoke MT BOss
Q:What is BoA Special Moves??
A:Power Word Die
Health Vampire
Summon Guardian Dragon
Mana Vampire
Awe Blast
Spiral Carve
Q:How does BoA Level Up??
A:Depends when you level up like:Let say than my level is 60,and i level up i will be level 60 right?n i first use my BoA starting level 50,it will become Level 51!!get it?
Q:what the different between BoA level 50 n Level 100??
A:not muCh Different,level 50:1-30 damage Level 100:5-30 damage. And it does specials more often and *I think* they do more damage.
That for All thanks n if u have any thing which need my help,just email me!! the email address

SAve the heLPzard campaign is to let the AQ council Rest.If u wanna ask helpzard sumthing,do not ask these stupid questions plS!!Here's a list of common questions that people keep emailing the HelpZard about, and a quick answer for each:

* Can you change my name? NO

* Can you give me 100000 gold. I'm poor. NO

* Can you give me 30 levels? NO

* Can I join the AQ Team No, but maybe later

* Can you change my password or email? No, use the Manage Account link off the home page.

* Can I change my character class? No, not yet

* Can I change my character race? No, not yet

* How do you get into a clan? Visit the Clan Boards

* Can I be a guardian for free? NO

* Can I auction off my rare item? NO

* I was hacked! Can I have these weapons I never had to begin with? NO

* Can I trade gold or stuff? NO

Ultra Ice kaTana Q:Where to find Them???

A:Be a Guardian 3 times(that A loT!!)i only m a guardian for 2 times(before the prices increases to $14 :) !!Hey if u r 17 or younger,i suggest u not to pay,because if YouR muM Scold u And if the phone number is incorrect,the person with that phone number will get all ur credit card Money,that Is A pityful thing u Noe!!n the it is ur mom credit card,she will not be able to use the credit card!!BOo Hoo!!=(
second A:buy the Great fire WAr tee-Shirts!!recommend for those that have lotsa $$ to spare,you can get Zorbak as a pet and ultRa ice KataNa