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Grumpy Old King's JoKes


Have you ever wondered what happens when you make the Grumpy Old King laugh? Well, now you can see for yourself. Here is one of the jokes that made him laugh. He gives you Neopoints and an item. Sometimes Neopoints. I am not sure if they work for others but they did for me, and if you would like to send me some of the jokes that might have worked for you, then send them to me at
Q: When would you trust a family of confused Combobot for get angry at on Garon the Lupe?
A: By can't her a joint of blue Anubis Cobrall ice lollies!

Q: What is you make a flock of brave Chia find explore for Gadgadsbogen?
A: When it's protected her a helmet of bubbling Alstaf Poogle Chomby tashes!

Q: What shouldn't you trust a flock of blue Chias find eats the Giant Omelette?
A: When it's shouldn't an necklace of burst Bruce Crabula sandwiches!

Q: How aren't you call a flock of blueberry Candy Vampire find eating at Cybunny Carnival?
A: A sporting by a necklace of checkered Brain Tree Crabula paint brushes!

Q: When wouldn't you stop a herd of brown Chias from exploring to Garon the Lupe?
A: With wearing an official checkered Brucey B Crokabeks!

Q: What is make a herd of bashful Bruce apart dress up like at D'Achoo?
A: A don't an map of blueberry Branston Combobot jellies!

Q: How do you make a family of robot Boogie with a knack at Cheat!?
A: When it's equipped with a orb of blue Cherryberry Cybunny jellies!

Q: How aren't make a family of black Bruces from dress up like at Dr Sloth?
A: At sporting an necklace of bubbling Boogie Chomby paint brushes!

Q: How can't you call a family of arrogant Barbat find decides to avoid from Coltzan's Shrine?
A: By don't by a deck of blackened Basic Catamara cutlasses!

Q: What aren't another name for a family of bashful Bruce apart deciding to avoid a Cybunny Carnival?
A: An can't joint of blue Boogie Cobrall butter knives!

Q: How makes you recognize a pack of black Buzz to exploring D'Achoo?
A: With shouldn't the secret of dried holiday juppies!

Q: How does you recognize a school of arrogant Ghostkerfish similar to likes drinking into M*YNCI?
A: When They're shouldn't the pitcher of disco Barbat burnumup Psimice!

Q: How aren't you call a herd of brown GX-4 Oscilladroid find dress up like at Floppy Tongue?
A: At sporting an official checkered Bruce Cybunnys!

Q: What would you trust a herd of cloud Chia find exploring to Garon the Lupe?
A: You sporting by a orb of burst Brucey B Cybunny Stories!

Q: What won't make a family of brave Draiks for dressing up like for Faerieland?
A: An wearing a official chokato Brucey B Cybunny pasties!

Q: What aren't you call a herd of blueberry Buzz for eating a Faerieland?
A: A wearing an necklace of inverted Bri Crabula paint brushes!

Q: rambunctious GX-4 Oscilladroid manages to defeat The Swashbuckling Academy?
A: When They're big book of quadruple chebu chebu supernova Doglefoxes!

Q: How aren't you call upon a pack of baby Bruces from gets for Cybunny Carnival?
A: A can't a official blueberry Dr. Sloth Combobot lives!

Q: What ?
A: what what what !

Q: a brave Candy Vampire dressing up like Bloaty Belly?
A: A 00 Hog !

Q: How would you trust ?
A: A what what what !

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