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Cheeseroller Help

Purpose: The game has three parts:

1. Figure out which cheeses are available to buy...see the chart below!

2. Buy the cheese (this uses your own NP) and through a series of commands, you roll the cheese down a hill and try to do it faster than 60 seconds.

3. Beat the 60 seconds on the clock and you get an NP reward and you get to keep the cheese!

Cheese Log

(haha...pun INTENDED)

Spicy Juppie Cheese


Brain Cheese


Smoked Snorkle Cheese

Alkenore Cheese

Triple Mustard Cheese

Mutated Cheese

Honey Cheese

Bubbling Blueberry Cheese

Big Beefy Cheese

Tyrannian Dung Cheese

Purple Spotted Cheese

Quadruple Fudge Cheese


click here to play

Dice-a-roo can be a fun and easy way to earn food, items and even faeries!

This method is one I stumbled upon by accident, and it works really well once you get the hang of it!

Note: before you start, make sure your keyboard is set at a very slow rate. Go to your CONTROL PANEL and set it to repeat 1-2 times a second.

1. Make sure you have at least 500 NP out of the bank.

2. Go to the Dice-a-roo game.

3. On the main dice-a-roo page is a button that says "Let's Play! (Costs 5NP). Click that once.

4. On the next page, there is a button that says "Play Dice-aroo" and shows the 5 colored dice. BEFORE you click that button, hold down your ENTER key and keep holding it. Click the button and keep holding. You will set it processing at the bottom of your browser window over and over again. Hold for a few minutes and then stop and let the game refresh. See where you are and continue. ALWAYS hold ENTER before you click again tho.

5. Do this until your pet gets bored, but make sure to check your inventory for any items you won, the Neopian Lottery for any tickets you found, and your pets stats, because the game CAN raise levels.

The first time I did this, I got 20 items (including a faerie), 2 lottery tickets and a level up on my pet!

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